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Maintenance of the silicone surface

    Silicone products for a long time to place, there will be a little surface permeability, which is due to silica gel formula contains silicone oil, is normal, please wipe gently with a towel, and brush a little talcum powder can.

   Dolls in the use and placement, if the surface of the buildup of dirt and stains, each over a period of time for a maintenance. Maintenance intervals and preserve the environment for usage vary, generally once a month as well.

    Maintenance: First dipped in warm water with a sponge or towel, gently wipe the surface of the doll, if the surface of silica gel stained with dirt, liquid bath can be used many times to wipe, do not force applied, wipe the surface of silica Do not use with corrosive cleaning agents including strong acid, strong alkaline solution, such as a strong disinfectant and detergent. You can use soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, body wash or mild detergent and other cleaning materials. Until the surface dried, marked with talcum powder to the doll, playing pink, wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust.

   Doll joints for a long time to keep bending state, the surface appears wrinkled because placing posture, the force caused by the surface for a long time. Such as prolonged sitting in a chair, the dolls may be pressed out of the abdomen stripes, silicone itself has resilience, please doll model when not in use, keep the factory position, reducing the force of each joint, place some time after , will be reduced wrinkles disappear.

   Dolls at the factory make-up, the use of silicone coatings, generally easy to fall off, but do not force clean, especially the eyebrows and eyelashes and facial make-up doll parts,

  Note that when using and cleaning wipe efforts. If excessive force resulting in hair loss and discoloration of the General Assembly, after the buyer once the fade is difficult to repair or fix ineffective.

  Dolls can be used for the general make-up cosmetics such as lipstick, blush, etc., but please do not use too thick ointment like face painting,

Do not force applied makeup, liquid makeup can be so soapy water or wipe gently.

 Silicone damage repair

    Silicone products are very soft, improper use can rupture and folds, or even damaged. In use, do not use sharps exposure to silica (some people like to beat the breast and other parts with nails, try softness, nails often regret leaving India, should not avoid.), Not cutting silica gel, silica gel, once produced incision, continued use will gradually tear easily along the direction of the incision, resulting in total damage. Doll skin, in the event of rupture, immediately stop using the patch. Repair, please use our professional repair agent. If cracks appear, please adjust the doll close to the gap position, and then cleaning cracks and stains around, let it dry adhesive applied with some cracks, and finally fixed gap, wait for drying adhesive curing. If the holes, the same adjustment to the first doll factory position, so that holes remain empty when the size of the normal force, and then cleaning stains, use dry adhesive to fill the hole and smooth to be consistent and the surrounding skin, let it dry curing. Special silicone adhesive cure for 24 hours, please do not move during the extrusion.