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Doll placed environmental

   To protect the long term use physical doll, there are certain requirements on the placement of space. Avoid direct sunlight, sunlight silicone after long-term minor bleaching.

  Should avoid excessive dust, silica gel viscosity and static surface, easy to adhesions dust, place a clean environment as much as possible. Avoid temperature is too high or too low, the ideal environment please save the environment temperature control between 5-35 degrees. In the winter you can use the electric blanket to warm dolls, but not to temperature.

  Avoid placing baby when squeezed, extruded silicone and foam may cause long-term deformation, do not place heavy objects on the doll.

Avoid long-term tighten the squeeze on local doll. Dolls placed stretch when you try to save the position, the joint state of a long period may cause silicone extrusion bending folds, cracks.

  Do not put the doll in the place where children can touch, this product is not children's toys, avoid contact with minors.