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Good news
Release time:2016-11-30 17:22:51
Hello, everybody, because of the business expansion, our company's production base has been moved to China largest production base--Dongguan. which has more complete facilities, more directly raw materials supply. We always endeavoring to do still better for the parsts processing and the skeleton upgrading, we can better use of resources here,  whether it's material, parts or skeleton. the quality must be best, but the cost will be lower.   our colleagues are very happy to work every day in this large and new factory, so we absolutely can do the best products with reasonable price, there is a batch of high quality and competitive price products will be appeared here, we appreciate that everyone keep supporting us in the past few years, meanwhile, we also appreciate the person who ever gave us some better suggestions. 
Now we are showing the skeleton structure, welcome to give advice, you can see the price of all the products on the website, thank you very much!