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  • Class:Doll's show
  • Model:JM1606
  • Vender:JMdoll
  • Yieldly:DongGuan China

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Smiling--156cm doll:(Note:Because we improved  the skeleton of 160cm doll and had a little changed   her neck . 

       So the 160cm doll become  156cm high now.)

Height: 156cm/ Weight:32kg .Bust: 75cm. Waist circumference: 55cm. Hip: 80cm. Head circumference: 53cm. Leg length: 76cm. Hand length: 57cm. Shoulder width: 32cm. Upper arm circumference: 20cm. Lower arm circumference: 20cm. Thigh circumference: 42cm.

Calf circumference: 29cm. Palm length: 16cm. Foot length: 21cm.

Carton packing: 120X47X50 (volume 63KG).

   The Internals of JMdolls are complicated stainless steel, aluminum bars skeleton and hard polyfoam chest etc. The skeleton is strong and flexible enough to do the actions almostly like reality. The main material is silica gel which is imported from abroad and has been certified strictly by European Union. With many years development, JMdolls owns unique advantage on allocating material. The formula of the material is even accurate down to 0.01g. The hardness and softness of dolls each part is similar with reality. Especially, the high simulation for the three sensitive parts won great admiration in the industry. Since August, 2013, the material of JMdolls will be improved again. THE doll will be more functional and more durable. We hope that through all JMdoll workers efforts, our supporters will get more returns with surprise.

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