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new 65cm doll
  • Class:Doll's show
  • Model:D6503
  • Vender:JMdoll
  • Yieldly:DongGuan City China

The head of 65cm new doll looks more mature,  she has the same body with Chloe,

 the head and neck are also conjoined seamless.

Main feature:
1  . The first one that the head and the neck are seamless connection.

2. Eyeball can be adjusted by manual operation to change the sight. 

3.Waist can be reversed to fix the position. The skeleton joint can stand by leaning on or against things, and it also can fix the position.

Product information
Height: 65cm
Weight 3.5kg
Hipline: 37cm 
Hang length:20cm
Width of shoulder:14cm
Head circumference:23cm
wig: 22cm
Shank length:21cm
Thigh length:15cm
Sole of the foot:9cm
The chest circumference:33cm

Size of master 

carton:52x20x31cm (Volume weight:7kg)

The front chest circumference:20cm

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