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  • Class:Doll's show
  • Model:105cm
  • Vender:JMdoll
  • Yieldly:china

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This doll is a smaller proportion of adults, and there are several different face and different skin colour  to choose from. 

The better news is that the neck is seamless。
This doll USES one - piece head neck seamless link, the appearance is more realistic.

The feature of 105cm doll

height 105cm
weight: 13.5KG
hip: 62cm
waist: 36cm
neck: 18cm
shoulder: 22cm
chest: 52cm
waist: 36cm
hand: 12cm
arm: 30cm
leg: 49cm
feet: 16cm
vagina: 13cm
wig: 32cm

oral: 6cm                                                                  

The packingbox:92 *30 *30cm. (Volume weight:20kg)

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