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Ty consulting 65CM Time:11/16/2020 9:42:10 PM
Tavo Vargas consulting 105 Sorceress Time:11/14/2020 5:04:51 PM
consulting: Doy you send to Mexico?
  11/15/2020 6:33:37 PM Administrator Reply:
Yes we did
aaaa consulting 80cm Daisy Time:11/9/2020 7:31:29 PM
80cm Daisy how cost?
consulting: 80cm Daisy how cost?
  11/10/2020 6:50:52 AM Administrator Reply:
Mauricio Rosa da Silva consulting 65 Chloe Time:11/2/2020 2:30:32 PM
consulting: Can you send to Brazil?
  11/2/2020 8:48:56 PM Administrator Reply:
I am sorry. we can not ship to   Brazil!
Martin Hatala consulting 65 Chloe Time:9/26/2020 5:58:00 AM
ship to Slovakia
consulting: Hello,
can you please let me know price including shipping to Slovakia?
Also is it possible to ship from EU to avoid customs clearance?

Thank you
  9/26/2020 8:14:57 PM Administrator Reply:
  You could try to shubmit an order and then you know the price,
 the price is included shipping,also we can ship from EU to avoid 
 customs clearance.
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