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About maintenance
As shown in Figure 1, if there is a little oil seepage on the surface, it is normal, please wipe gently with a dry towel and apply talcum powder.
2. If the surface is stained with dust and stains, please take care every time. The maintenance interval varies from person to person, and it is recommended to do it once a month.

Maintenance method: If the surface of the silicone is stained with dirt, it can be cleaned with soap, shampoo, shower gel, etc. After the surface is dry, apply a talcum powder to the model. The model joints remain curved for a long time, and wrinkles appear on the surface. However, the silica gel itself has good resilience and keeps the model in a comfortable posture. After a period of time, the wrinkles will disappear.
  The makeup we make for the model is based on the requirements of the customer's reservation. It is made of special silicone paint, which is odorless, non-toxic and not easy to fall off, but don't wipe it hard, especially her face and eyebrows and eyelashes. If you use excessive force to cause hair loss and discoloration, once the faded buyer can repair or make up the makeup under our guidance, the effect depends on the individual level.
  The model can be modified and applied with general cosmetics, such as lipstick and blush. For more details, please contact customer service.

About patching:
  Although silicone products are soft, they can be cracked and wrinkled or even damaged if used improperly. In use, do not use sharp objects to touch the surface of the silicone (some people like to use the nails to force the breasts and other parts, test the softness, often leave the nail prints unfortunately, should not be avoided.), do not cut the silicone, once the silicone is cut When it continues to be used, it will easily tear along the direction of the slit, causing complete damage. Once the model breaks, stop using it and repair it. Please use our silicone adhesive when repairing. If there is a crack, first adjust the model to the position where the crack is closed, clean the crack and surrounding stains, and use the adhesive to apply the crack after drying. (Note: thicker than the lipstick, but not more, no extra The adhesive stays outside the crack, the adhesive operation time is a few minutes, not 502 instant glue, so don't have to rush!), then align and glue the crack, fix, wait for the adhesive to dry and cure. It takes 24 hours for the silicone adhesive to fully cure. Do not move the extruded doll during the period.