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75 Angel C
  • Class:Doll's show
  • Model:D07503
  • Vender:jmdoll
  • Yieldly: DongGuan China

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This is a scaled down mannequin doll of adult woman

75cm doll(little angel). 


Experiencing several times modification, now she looks sweet and full of personality. This product owns JMDOLL's advantage. The material is very soft, without any smell, without oil. And also the material does not stick hands. The skeleton that could do fixed actions is flexible and durable. The doll is in beautiful shaped and her makeup is delicate. Also she is along with simple and sexy clothes. In order to meet customers demanding, we have made head A,B,C  for this doll. 

Detailed information for the doll
Head Circumference: 26cm
Width of shoulder: 16cm
Bust: 38cm
Wig: 26cm
Length of legs:35cm

Size of master carton: 

74*21*16.5cm (Volume weight:7kg)

Feet: 10.5cm

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