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110 Neven A\B
  • Class:Doll's show
  • Model:D11001
  • Vender:jmdoll
  • Yieldly: DongGuan China

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This is a scaled down mannequin doll of adult woman 

The 110cm doll is the minor copy of a young pretty girl. Despite of small and exquisite, she is not just a little girl when you gaze at her. She has two faces you can choose from Western and Eastern style. The dolls skeleton is very strong and long-useful, and you can let her stand by wall.(the skeletons of all the jmdolls are made from new type of aluminum  and stainless steel. Therefore it is flexible and endurable and wouldnt be easily broken) Duo to the small size, the dolls .

*110cm doll made bendable back and forth by the waist,  bendable by right and left. also can  rotation.

*Her hands could reach out, and she could also keep this posture.

The feature of 110cm doll
height 110cm
weight 13KG
hip 63cm
waist 37cm
wig 41cm
chest 55cm
leg 52cm
arm 22cm
palm length 12cm
feet 52cm
shoulder 24cm
neck 19cm
vagina 13cm
The packingbox92 *30 *30cm. (Volume weight:20kg)

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